To Take Flight

To Take Flight


I don't know where to start." - Me, & probably, you too...

Today, I realised we go through life, not knowing where we are going but keep on trying to reach a far vision in our mind of what our life should have been by now.

How are we supposed to reach something we should have reached by now? - We Can't...

This unconscious thinking keeps us from figuring our shit and going through life as someone who really got its shits together, not fakely showing an all figured out life on social medias.

So, what do I mean with "We don't know where we are going, while aiming for something." Everyday, we go through life by listening to the many callings of the environment we live in. Just look how far distracted a Facebook post can get you through the day... Nothing more to explain... We justify these behaviors that reflects in so much more than just Facebook posts with something we call: "Holding on to my core values".

Yeah yeah... Right, losing time trying to validate a point on which I might be wrong is no more part of my values...

Better values to value through the going of each day are:

*Is this going to learn me something?
*Am I being sold something or am I selling myself?
*When will I take time for me and listen to my creativity?
*How can I impact lives instead of trying to show who I am and what's I think I am worth in this world?

Quite a good start for a good thinking session, out of everyday distractions... WHy not close every media for the day, and pass some time with our body and our minds.

Keep Thinking! - D°Frank