To look forward summer.

To look forward summer.

Today it is cold out here in Canada on the begining of the 24th day of the year. Precisely, in Quebec, we find it too cold to enjoy anything from it. 

Because of this, we developped an habit growing old in the cold. Each and every year, as soon as the summer end, we stress ourselves to live the maximum of what could be live before the heat is really gone for the winter.

Then, first snow, we begin to look forward the next summer, which will be so much better than the last one. We dream about making it the greatest ever. 

We dream... But there are doubts in our minds that we don't tell ourselves but that make us throwback to last summer for all winter long.

Last summer was great. Next summer probably will be too. But we always throwback to last summer while looking forward the next...

Sometimes, I have the feeling that we miss something greater than summers while having one feat in the past and the other in the future. 

Sometimes, I feel the best summers comes after the best winters. It is so because we went through the cold side by side with the wind of life, not against it wishing winter could disappear.

Just tell yourself that winter is here to kill the bad that began to grew in the summer so that the next summer will restart from good seeds.

On this, dear family. Summer is coming soon, but winter is making sure it will be good.