Snowstorm in Los Angeles

Snowstorm in Los Angeles

May the seventh. That is the day currently coming toward its end.

Depending on were you are, but right here in Quebec city, that is one day closer to summer. We all know what summer means. or do we?

I have come to believed that people fo through seasons without knowing what seasons actually do on them. 

In winter, we sad for plenty of reasons and wish for summer sooner than it is. In winter, many of us dream of leaving for warm and exotic places, and more and more actually leave winter behind for it. 

I did the same thing. In february, I left for Los Angeles. But not for summer vibes, more for the LA vibes. Along my summer things, I brought my snowboard. People around me were making me feel that this was a dumb decision, since it was right in the great snowboard season in Quebec. Why do 50 hours long of drive to go snowboard?

Hmmm... Good questions. 


It is to play with my fucked up unconscious habits of mood. The moods of seasoning, if can be said. To go in an exotic place when it's winter at home, this action puts you in a complete new mood and brings you all kind of emotions. To go in an exotic place and then climb mountains to go into a snow storm, that fucks up your unconscious human being nature.

I was in shorts and T-shirt 30 minutes ago, and now I am doing snowboard in a snow storm at minus 5 degrees! What the hell am I going through?

This kind of trip also brings different thoughts, non cummon thoughts... I am in the biggest city of the United States doing something most of the people there don't do or fear. For real, going up the mountains, people were telling us: Good luck out there it's freaking cold. But as someone who has no choice to embrace the cold or be angry all winter, this was funny wheater to snowboard in Los Angeles.

If this articles has something to retain, it's probably the mentality of accepting life as it is and shaking yourself up from time to times by going to places you won't feel comfortable or that people say you won't. These actions remains you that you are in control of your moods, not your unconscious human nature anymore.

To this, I say: Start to enjoy summer right now, do not wait for perfect hot days, and then embrace the winter when it's going to show the first signs, do not fear it's worst snow storms to come.